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Paris Post 1 was honored to support the Centennial of the Unknown Soldier

Centennial of the

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (USA)



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On behalf of the Society of the Honor Guard, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier,

we thank you for joining us at our 100 year centennial events and ceremonies!


"We view the Centennial not only as a celebration to remember the burial of the World War I Unknown Soldier,

but an opportunity to reflect on what the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier means to America."


- Gavin McIlvenna, President & Centennial Committee Chairman


In March 9, 1921, Congressman Hamilton Fish III (NY) said:

“It is hoped that the grave of this unidentified warrior will become a shrine of patriotism for all the ages to come, which will be a source of inspiration, reverence and love of country for future generations.”

Congressman Fish served in World War I with the 369th Infantry “Harlem Hellfighters” earning a Silver Star for action in combat in France, and this war time experience led him to propose legislation which created the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

“The burial of the Unknown Warrior should give the whole country an opportunity to express in a National way, their tribute to the glorious dead. It will bring consolation and assuage the grief of the twelve hundred families whose sons died unknown and unidentified, for each and every family will proudly claim this body as that of their own son.”


Calendar of events & ceremonies that took place in November 2021:

October 23 @ Hotel de Ville, Chalons-en-Champagne, France

  •  Commemoration and tribute on the 100th Anniversary of arrival of the four World War I Unknown Soldier candidates in 1921 from American cemeteries in the region, and the honor guard of French Soldiers that assumed the death watch until 22h00, when six American Soldier from the Army of Occupation joined them to conduct a joint honor guard through the night until the ceremonies the next day.

October 24 @ Hotel de Ville, Chalons-en-Champagne, France

  • Commemoration and tribute on the 100th Anniversary of selection of World War I Unknown Soldier by SGT Edward Younger in 1921, while honoring our allies andthe citizens of France who embraced him as their own.
  • Wreath and Rose Ceremony starting at 10h00
  • US and French Dignitaries
  • US and French Military Units
  • SHGTUS, Gold Star Mothers, and Various Veteran Organizations present 

October 25 @ Pier d’Escale, Port of LeHavre, France

  • Commemorate and pay tribute on the 100th Anniversary of the World War I Unknown Soldier arriving at the Pier d’Escale at Le Havre, France where he is honored by Minister Andre Maginot with the Croix de Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur in 1921, and the events 100 years ago as sailors and a detachment of US Marines from the USS Olympia assumed control of the World War I Unknown Soldier and begin transit to the United States under escort of the USS Ruben James at 1520hrs.
  • Wreath and Rose Ceremony concludes at 15h20
  • US and French Dignitaries
  • US and French Military Units
  • SHGTUS, Gold Star Mothers, and Various Veteran Organizations present 
  • French Naval vessels fire salute

October 26 @ The Flame under the Arc de Triomphe, Paris, France

  • Honor and pay tribute to the French Unknown Soldier
  • Wreath Ceremony
  • SHGTUS, Gold Star Mothers, Various Veteran Organizations
  • Reception, Gala and Dinner sponsored by The American Legion Paris Post #1 and AUSA

October 26 @ l'École Militaire, Unknown Soldier Centennial Gala & Dinner, Paris, France

  • Honor and pay tribute to the Unknown Soldier
  • Dinner & gala @ the École Militaire
  • Evening with Unknown Soldier Centennial Pilgrimage group
  • Sharing of the week long pilgrimage through France
  • Future plans for Tomb Guard in France including MIA Recovery Missions
  • Dinner & Gala tickets available on link below



The École militaire is a complex of buildings in Paris, France, which house various military training facilities. It was founded in 1750 by King Louis XV and is located in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, southeast of the Champ de Mars.

The building, constructed by Ange-Jacques Gabriel, is an active military academy and is classified as a national monument since 1990.


October 26, 2021

Ravivage ceremony at the Arc de Triomphe (before dinner) - arrive by 17h30

Unknown Soldier Centennial Gala & Dinner - starting at 19h00

Sponsorship and support from community partners and group tables were greatly appreciated!!!


The dinner menu & l'apéritif served at the École Militaire (took place November 2021):

- Kir royal

- whiskey

- Champagne

- beer

- Coca-cola

- juice 

Starter, dinner and dessert: 

- veloute carotte et panais (carrot and parsnip soup)

- canard Parmentier avec salade Mesclun (duck Parmentier with mesclun salad)

- pommes chaudes caramilisés avec sauce d'orange et chocolat (Hot caramelized apples with orange and chocolate sauce)

Dinner drinks:

- vin rouge (red wine)

- eau petillant (sparkling/natural water)

- cafe (coffee)