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Cybersecurity - nothing embodies the saying "Stay alert stay alive" more than this fastpaced and rapidly expanding work field. 

This may be the field for MANY Veterans - whether you are a project manager who wants to work with Cybersecurity or someone that grew up playing on Linux systems and loves the idea of "hacking the box", which, for the uninitiated, means trying to break into systems in a test of one's cybersecurity skills.


But, where should you start your path and thinking about Cybersecurity?

I've included a lot of FREE programs below available to Veterans. Let me say that again - YOU DON'T NEED TO PAY FOR CYBERSECURITY TRAINING AS A VETERAN and DON'T NEED TO USE YOUR GI BILL.

The below programs are put together by the biggest names in IT and (some of the) best universities around. One last thought - if you have a military clearance, make sure you keep it. Anyone can (hypothetically) learn to work in Cybersecurity - NOT everyone has a clearance and private companies WILL NOT pay for you to get one, which means you might not be even be looked at for positions that require a clearance you don't have in the private World.


1. National Apprenticeship Org - is a great opportunity for Veterans to learn Cybersecurity, while getting paid, from a beginner level -- or to take their knowledge to the next level - in a program that is FREE. At the end of the apprenticeship, you will have a bachelors or masters degree. The program is done through Purdue university's West Lafayette campus (thank you Lafayette!).

Check out this YouTube video from Purdue University about the program.

This program is fully accredited and is part of the Computer and Information Technology (CIT) program in the Purdue Polytechnic Institute. The CIT program is accredited by the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET ( and the National Security Administration (NSA) National Centers for Academic Excellence (CAE) ( The curriculum has been mapped to the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Workforce Framework (


2. Institute for Veteran & Military Families (IVMF) - this organization is at Syracuse University and one of the pioneers of helping Veterans with certifications and learning opportunities. The training is online and of TOP QUALITY. The list of certifications offered would be hard to put here because it is SO LONG. In short, if you are interested in certifications FOR FREE check this website out!


3. FortiVet (Fortinet)- focuses on helping veterans transition into the cyber-security industry.  The program seeks to capitalize on the natural synergy between national defense in the Armed Services and defending critical information for businesses and government agencies. As part of the program, Fortinet will share resumes internally and with partners.  This is what creates the opportunity of employment, but does not guarantee it.  Every veteran is placed into a category based on their qualifications and their resume is shared accordingly.


4. Scholarship for Women in Cybersecurity - (women only - sorry guys) - A scholarship of up to $2,000, and in special instances $2,500, will be awarded to women who participate in cybersecurity competitions recognized by EC-Council and receive a designated award.


5. AWS Educate - Veterans: This is Amazon education for Veterans to learn about the Cloud and all things surrounding it, including security. 


6. Corporate America Supports You (CASY) - is a great connection for those seperating from the military and looking for work. One of the training paths they offer is from IBM on their SIEM system - Qradar. After FREE training you on the Qradar system, you will be assigned a career counsel to help you find work.


7. Splunkwork training - this is another very popular Cybersecurity SIEM (like Qradar) and they are committed to supporting the effort to train the workforce of tomorrow by equipping veterans and former service members in the United States with the Splunk skills they need for today’s jobs — FOR FREE!


8. Federal Virtual Training Environment (FedVTE) is an online and on-demand cybersecurity training system available for FREE to Veterans. With courses ranging from beginner to advanced levels, strengthen or build your expertise and cybersecurity skillsets - at your own pace and schedule.


9. For currently seperating Veterans - Outside the Wire program, by CBTNuggets - is designed to help recently discharged service members gain the skills and knowledge necessary to train for an in-demand career as an IT professional. For those currently seperating from the military, this program offers a free, six-month subscription to CBT Nuggets

- Their entire library of training content

- One-on-one accountability coaching

- Kaplan® IT Training practice exams

- An online study group tailored to the needs of retired military tech professionals


10. For currently seperating Veterans - SANS Veteran Success Academy - is part of the SANS Immersion Academy program, an intensive, accelerated training program that provides SANS world-class training and GIAC certifications to quickly and effectively launch careers in cybersecurity. SANS Immersion Academies are 100% scholarship-based and no cost to participants.

Eligibility requirements:

- Transitioning service members within six months of separation (ETS) or no more than 10 years since separation.

- Active duty spouses not working in the information security field or with prior work experience in the information security field.

- Must be A U.S. citizen or Permanent Legal Resident (Green card holder).

- Not currently working in information security or with prior work experience in an information security position outside of the military.


11. VetSec Inc - A Veteran Cyber Security Community - they strive to offer resources to help transitioning service members and veterans move into the cybersecurity realm.  They have a Slack channel, the people volunteering for this organization are international and currently, they offer the following:

- Mock Interviews

- Resume Assistance

- Mentorship

Keeping the legacy alive through helping our Veterans.