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American Legion: PARIS POST 1


Paris Post 1 - established December 13, 1919 - in Paris, France. The American Legion is the World's Largest Veteran's Organization.


PARIS POST 1 has been in Paris, France for over 100 years!

We continue to support veterans around the world, and help keep the legacy of America's contribution to Europe alive by serving our veterans and their families in France.

Check out more of our history from the PARIS POST 1 HISTORY section of our website (left menu) including our creation of The American Legion Building Paris, Inc. (also known as Pershing Hall), our PARIS POST 1 Mausoleum, and the many ceremonies that we perform in France.

Our hope is to one day return to our PARIS POST 1 headquarters at Pershing Hall.

History videos about Pershing Hall & PARIS POST 1 available on our Youtube channel (click links here):




*This picture is of the 1st Caucus of The American Legion in Paris (15-17 December 1919)

at the Cirque de Paris in the 7th arrondissement.



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